Sweet Depression

rainbowMy heart hangs heavy in my chest
with the weight of worry.
My uneasy mind spins in sorrow
as exhaustion installs itself in my bones
and blurs my thoughts,
yet sleep does not come.

Then unexpectedly,
words begin to transpire,
one after another,
cascading through darkness,
cutting through confusion,
hope surges within me,
harnessing my negativity into,
creative productivity.

Sweet troubles!
Sweet depression!
Who would I be without you?


12 thoughts on “Sweet Depression

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  1. How poignant. At once sad and hopeful. I wish you well through this passage. And thanks for liking my poem on lost and found. We just might be in similar places right now.

  2. We need these words to come, don’t we? A feeling of loss without them. Loss that sometimes inspires them. But I fear them, too. The revelations that come with these cascading words do not always agree with me. And then sleep is even harder to come by. Thank you for sharing this. As always, your words compel me to think, to explore.

    1. Thanks for your reflection. I find that even though sometimes the words don’t agree with me, it helps to let them flow, and “live” on their own. It’s much easier to cope/thrive when we externalize our creativity and our internal musings, whether they be positive or negative. Check out this great TedTalk by Elizabeth Gilbert (author of Eat, Pray, Love) called Your Elusive Creative Genius: http://www.ted.com/talks/elizabeth_gilbert_on_genius.html

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