In the relative silence of another Lima urban night, I sit at my desk with my notes, attempting to verbalize culture and its significance. But the winds are beginning to thicken in my skull; there’s a tornado building in my brain. My sight blurs and my heart tenses as it accelerates, in efforts to supress... Continue Reading →


The chatter and cries of my daughters have given way to the  occasional passing car. The sound of clinking plates, the busy babble of the tv, and the roar of the dryer have receded into darkness. My emotions begin to leak out of my head drip by drip like a melting ice cream cone pooling... Continue Reading →

DEAR LUCIDITY The evening begins with laughter. Cheerful voices swirl around me oxygenating my blood, as I float from one required task to the next, elevated by the sensation. Then it happens. A trigger clicks within my chest. Elation takes a hairpin turn into panic. Descending into dizzy desperation I fall backwards into the quarries... Continue Reading →


Princesses, princesses jumping, jumping superheroes, superheroes bouncing, bouncing. The trampoline pulsates contracting, expanding chubby baby legs sitting then standing. A little girl loses a purple sock, it flips like a fish on a wooden dock. A pink fish, blue fish, yellow fish pair, naked little feet and disheveled hair. Shrieking and giggling a girl and... Continue Reading →


Exhaustion seeps under the doors Flooding the room Saturating my body One more word One more thought One final attempt Before I surrender to my pooling thoughts And sink into the depths Of my subconscious

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