I know what it is to subsist under the weight of darkness. I know about the exponential effort to drag yourself through the day, limb by leaded limb. I know about that magnetic force that paralyzes you, into the chair in front of your computer screen: a planned paramnesia, as your only antidote for this... Continue Reading →


I am taken by awe, as you fill my emptiness, with warmth. Your love radiates, against my back, easing the tension, in my veins, and my brain. I melt in your embrace: in this safe heaven, I call home.


As I crossed over the Portsmouth bridge into Maine this afternoon, I saw a flock of white seagulls fly over the deep blue river. They dissipated into the grey winter forest, somehow making me feel at home, along with the muddy patches of melting snow, and the vivid shifting sky, over permeating stillness:Solitude at peace... Continue Reading →

Music, Love, Faith

Music gives me the power to love.   Love gives me the courage to fail, the permission to be flawed, the insight that there are many Ways and more than one answer.   Faith gives me the wisdom to be patient, to believe in signs, to learn from my emotions and to simply be.


My voice is hidden behind the curtains, in the corner of the room, quite aware  you won't notice it is missing. But that's what happens, when you let yourself sink into the covers, never to rise, until the world shifts its course. I try to change the paintings on the walls around you, quietly, as... Continue Reading →

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