Monthly Archives: January 2013



Your pain eludes me.
The world whizzes by just beyond my grasp.

I try to connect,
to understand,
but a dizzying sensation overwhelms me.

I let myself sink,
back into blankness,
into thoughtlessness.

Just one sip.

I pretend none of this is real.



Serenity is sitting and watching the day,
ending, calmly, without resistance.
I am happier when I do not struggle.
Life needs to be allowed to flow on its own,
without anticipation or knowing what may drift downstream,
which could bring you to your knees or make you fly in an instant.
I try not to clash against its course but allow the currents to teach me.
My only power is in the way I move,
in how I compose my strokes,
agile at times but tremulous, occasionally too.
The shadows have lengthened,
alleviating the heat of another brilliant summer day.

Life Can Be Beautiful


If you surrender yourself,
If you flow with its currents,
If you’re creative and recognize grandeur in the small things:
Your daughters’ giggles,
The brilliance of fireworks,
The gift of a friend’s smile,
music, love, and decaf coffee,
the stillness of New Year’s morning.

But you have to be there to see it,
to feel it.
You have to be the beauty,
With your labor,
With your patience,
With your sacrifice,
Sometimes with your pain and tears.
Without these there is no true joy,
only fleeting exhilarations and plastic gratification
fueled by artificial sweeteners.

Life can be better than you ever imagined;
If you let it in and allow it to bloom,
If you are kind to it,
If you accept that you are small and imperfect,
If you ask for Help,
If you have the courage to change.