Your dimly lit eyes flicker with the images on TV. Stories run through you , illusions of an imagined certainty. Deception has extinguished into reality and left the smoldering coils of struggle, that now lodge themselves in your mind and fixate their claws in your chest, leaving you breathless, alone and thirsting. Truth floods you,... Continue Reading →

Sweet Depression

My heart hangs heavy in my chest with the weight of worry. My uneasy mind spins in sorrow as exhaustion installs itself in my bones and blurs my thoughts, yet sleep does not come. Then unexpectedly, words begin to transpire, one after another, cascading through darkness, cutting through confusion, hope surges within me, harnessing my... Continue Reading →

The Tempest’s Eye

Captivating tranquility envelops us. Our bodies radiate harmony, immersed in the silence of a single instant of time. Suspended. Simplified. Satiated. We are omniscient communion, and intrepid indifference, to the foreboding shadows that encompass us.


I am fragmented and astray. In darkness, I search for the pieces, desperately trying to reassemble the joyous life, I led only a few weeks ago. Lord, help me step into the shoes you have laid before me. Help me accept this trial with humility. Help me surrender my pride. Lord hear my plea! I... Continue Reading →

True Love

I Am Utterly In LOVE….. With your smooth skin and deep chocolate eyes, your droopy lips even your soul-straining cries, The way you sprawl across my bed at your 10 kilo size, your four little teeth the rolls of your squishy thighs, Your angry toss of the binky when I am using it as a... Continue Reading →

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