Dealing with Sadness

More than a week has gone by since my last post and I find myself in a drought of words. My sentiments have drooped a bit and I find that sadness has reinstalled itself in my chest like a bag of wet sand which I carry around during my daily routine. The worst part of... Continue Reading →

Sea Saw

My negative side tells me that I am precariously perched on one stilt, after having two of my supports kicked from under me. I am anxiously wobbling between fear and sadness, alone with nowhere to grip for stability. The tedious currents of life events have left me helpless and drifting, doubting my future, doubting my... Continue Reading →

A Reflection on Faith

The last few days have been filled with ambulances, emergency rooms, critical decisions, and an ocean of uncertainty and ambiguity, leaving me teetering on the fringe of a sound existence, grappling with meaning and struggling for equilibrium. It seems so unjust. Why did she have to have a stroke? This family is staggering, wounded by... Continue Reading →

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