Monthly Archives: April 2015

Shedding Skins


Gently stroking melodies caress,
peeling back my old skin,
as I rise from mourning.

Floating like sea mist,
before a burning sun,
my soul shines back.

I am awake.

Love flows forth,
filling emptiness with healing light,
tingling joy surges from within.

I am alive.




Here is my heart on my sleeve:
treat it gently, please.

My mind and history are behind,
screaming to accept its defeat.
Sometimes all the energy I have,
is for standing on my own feet.

But I have decided to wear it there,
even if it drains me of durability.
I am beginning to walk again,
swaying in vulnerability.

Be kind to me:
I am learning to trust again,
to reach my hands before me,
when I stumble in pain.

No longer in order to brace my falling,
but because I am hoping- you see-
than when I inevitably do,
there will be someone to hold me.