An Open Letter to My Depressed Self:

As part of cognitive behavioral therapy you are often sent to fill out tables, first to identify your irrational, exaggeratedly negative thoughts, and then to respond with rational, more accurate ones.  Because I often feel attacked by my negative thinking about myself, it can feel daunting to respond to each ridiculous thought as it arises.... Continue Reading →


In the relative silence of another Lima urban night, I sit at my desk with my notes, attempting to verbalize culture and its significance. But the winds are beginning to thicken in my skull; there’s a tornado building in my brain. My sight blurs and my heart tenses as it accelerates, in efforts to supress... Continue Reading →

DEAR LUCIDITY The evening begins with laughter. Cheerful voices swirl around me oxygenating my blood, as I float from one required task to the next, elevated by the sensation. Then it happens. A trigger clicks within my chest. Elation takes a hairpin turn into panic. Descending into dizzy desperation I fall backwards into the quarries... Continue Reading →

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