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IMG_20150424_085651477I want to be a wildflower,
growing in the shadows,
of jagged mountains.

Fragile, fleeting-beauty,
simplicity in being,
rebellious in the face monstrosity.

It is a difficult deed,
to open one’s petals,
before ominous giants.

Tiny and frail,
the memory of calamity,
ripe within its roots,
submerged in rocky soil.

It’s a gradual awakening,
eternal in its stubbornness,
in search of light within shadows.

Becoming in blooming:
Alive in defiant Grace.


Shedding Skins


Gently stroking melodies caress,
peeling back my old skin,
as I rise from mourning.

Floating like sea mist,
before a burning sun,
my soul shines back.

I am awake.

Love flows forth,
filling emptiness with healing light,
tingling joy surges from within.

I am alive.



Here is my heart on my sleeve:
treat it gently, please.

My mind and history are behind,
screaming to accept its defeat.
Sometimes all the energy I have,
is for standing on my own feet.

But I have decided to wear it there,
even if it drains me of durability.
I am beginning to walk again,
swaying in vulnerability.

Be kind to me:
I am learning to trust again,
to reach my hands before me,
when I stumble in pain.

No longer in order to brace my falling,
but because I am hoping- you see-
than when I inevitably do,
there will be someone to hold me.



Tonight just under the surface,
there is a stirring in my soul.

A passion suppressed,
beyond the reach of my memory.

I feel it budding,
Pushing from behind my skin.

Craving to be freed,
from the darkness I’ve held:
too long,
too buried,
too painful,
for contention.

Tonight I will not struggle,
I will not strain,
I will not fold.

I will open towards the moon,
Unveiling my cracks and bumps and bruises,
I will breathe in light.

on my 34th birthday,
I am ready.