An Open Letter to My Depressed Self:

As part of cognitive behavioral therapy you are often sent to fill out tables, first to identify your irrational, exaggeratedly negative thoughts, and then to respond with rational, more accurate ones. ┬áBecause I often feel attacked by my negative thinking about myself, it can feel daunting to respond to each ridiculous thought as it arises.... Continue Reading →


I know what it is to subsist under the weight of darkness. I know about the exponential effort to drag yourself through the day, limb by leaded limb. I know about that magnetic force that paralyzes you, into the chair in front of your computer screen: a planned paramnesia, as your only antidote for this... Continue Reading →


I am taken by awe, as you fill my emptiness, with warmth. Your love radiates, against my back, easing the tension, in my veins, and my brain. I melt in your embrace: in this safe heaven, I call home.

Race, Power and the Flu

I have been battling the flu and with it I have had time to confront my own feelings of inadequacy in terms of the appalling violence that has been occurring in the US. My tendency when sick, to my stomach or heart, is to retreat into paralysis, and besides a few Facebook posts, spend my... Continue Reading →

Walking Poem

The Sea breathes gently in my ears as the light surf strokes the rocky sand in an ancient song that began before the invention of time. It was not long ago that I mastered the art of scampering across this rugged Maine shoreline, first carefully testing each step then hopping from rock to rough patch... Continue Reading →

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