You think that your pernicious persuasion will convince me of your perjury,
but your deception only drives the doubt deeper into my disposition.

I raise my eyes long enough to catch your distressed but determined glare and the occasional blinking spasm,
as you swear by all things sacred.

The injury you are inflicting on our frail foundation is inconceivable to you in your debilitated state,
and our solidity shivers, with every seismic vibration from your mouth.

Tears boil just behind my cynical stare, loss lodges itself in my throat and paralyzes my perspicuity.

Falling piteously, praying fiercely:

Endurance for our existence,

Sustenance for our souls.Image



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  2. Dear Friend, You don’t have to thank me. This is the publicity your earned by being true to your own heart. Not a very easy thing for millions to do. However, you are welcome!

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