Blogger Award


I am excited and honored to share that this blog has been nominated for The Beautiful Blogger Award, by the talented and accomplished writer, Shawn Jones. I highly recommend you visit her wonderful blog to fully experience her varied genres of work. To get you started here is an example, a poem which is as playful as it is rhythmic:

The Real April Fool
Shawn Jones


Here are the rules:

• Copy and place the Beautiful Blogger Award in a post.
• Thank the person who nominated you and link back to their blog.
• Tell 7 things about yourself.
• Nominate 7 fellow bloggers for the Beautiful Blogger Award, tell them by posting a comment on their blogs.

7 fun facts about me:

1. I live in Lima, Peru.
2. When I’m not washing dishes, I play Spider Solitaire to relax.
3. I LOVE classical music, especially Mozart!
4. I used to want to be a doctor, until I discovered blood makes me woozy.
5. My daughters have me whipped.
6. I hate, detest, loath the poverty and injustice in this world. It leaves me hollow and breathless.
7. I believe in the power of prayer and leading by example.

The following bloggers truly inspire me and I encourage you to check out their extraordinary blogs:




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