Sea Saw


Sea SawMy negative side tells me that I am precariously perched on one stilt,
after having two of my supports kicked from under me.
I am anxiously wobbling between fear and sadness,
alone with nowhere to grip for stability.

The tedious currents of life events have left me helpless and drifting,
doubting my future,
doubting my faith,
doubting myself.

I have nothing left to give and I only
take, take, take,
weighing those around me,
bringing them destruction and despair.

I cannot fill these shoes.
I am weak, insignificant, and incapable
of becoming this person
that I am being called to be….

My positive side tells me to
get up off this seat
to walk, skip, jump
and do it with my rickety feet.

It tells me there is a reason
for every adversity and affliction
opportunities to show who I am
that my strength is no fiction.

It’s my moment to convert
conviction into action
mobilize my empathy,
courage and compassion.

Though I didn’t choose this,
it’s all part of the Plan
This is how I act on my belief,
I have to give it all that I can.

And that’s worth cherishing,
for my abilities are only a gift.
I will use them for humanity
rising as I lift.

My gratitude and appreciation
to You I am expressing,
Lord help me to see these
challenges as a blessing.


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