I am drowning in my own bile
of unrequited questions
and fitful fortunes.

In a furious flurry of appointments,
I find myself forsaken,
devoured by my thoughts and debilities,
yearning for consoling answers
to my unnerving conundrums.

Tears drop from my raw eyes
ricocheting off my shaky existence
as I search for the embers.

That once allowed me to live outwardly,
but that have since receded
into a whirlpool of spinning senses
and harrowing confusion.

What will be of us?
Is it possible to be prepared for this Life?


2 responses »

  1. Oh precious, searching Soul;
    Take courage!
    We are but here to learn
    the lessons we have chosen
    for ourselves,
    in another state of being.
    Let the falling leaves be sisters
    to your Autumn tears;
    And bed yourself down
    to inner peaceful calm
    of Winter.
    Let Nature be your preparation
    for this Life.
    Come Spring.

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