Happy Birthday to My Princess

Five years ago today I began this turbulent and thrilling journey into motherhood. I didn’t suspect that a small 2.8 kg package could wreak such havoc, and cause such revolution in my trivial life. I came to realize just how petty my life had been when with you came purpose and significance, love and yearning, a... Continue Reading →

On Motherhood

Motherhood is not rational. It is not an emotion nor an instinct. It transcends all of my previous experience and understanding about meaning and living. Though my weary state blurs my perceptions, I am full and very much alive, more so than I thought I could be or would be. Petty conundrums and quagmires have... Continue Reading →

On My Way

And so I embark on a journey into the world of blogging. As a child and adolescent I used to write almost every day and I was also an avid musician. But as happens all too often, life got in the way of my creativity. Now ten years later, I find myself a fully grown... Continue Reading →

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