On My Way


Hen with her chicks

And so I embark on a journey into the world of blogging. As a child and adolescent I used to write almost every day and I was also an avid musician. But as happens all too often, life got in the way of my creativity. Now ten years later, I find myself a fully grown woman (at least on the outside), a professional, an ex-patriot living in South America and mother of two. I am navigating, what seemed before to be, the uncharted oceans of adulthood and of a life that becomes ever more complicated, as I dive consciously deeper into the layers of this human experience.

So why the convoluted start to blogging, you might ask? To tell the truth, I am afraid to open myself to the world in this way, even if it is anonymously. I have decided to take that chance and to share my experiences in this blog but it is daunting to think about writing something that can be publically read and judged. As you can see by the title of this blog, I tend to be a perfectionist and putting something forth that is personal and (possibly) not-perfect is a stretch for me. Nevertheless I am ready to grow and to begin writing again…..

I began this year with the joy of a new baby in arms and the burden of post-partum depression. The already trying task of caring for a new-born became all the more difficult. Carrying around the weight of my sadness as I frantically tried to fulfill my motherly duties to two, made me realize that life was whizzing by at an alarming rate. I was missing out and I needed to find order and balance in my life. I sought the help of a psychiatrist and now six months into treatment I am doing much better and can enjoy my family again.

Now I need to reclaim my creativity as part of this life-long healing process. I believe that empathy and compassion are the means to a full life brimming with love. I am hopeful that I am on my way.


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  1. Using this as a forum and platform will help. We are all here to encourage to greater things. Readers and writers are the best salve for the soul and at the same time the best sharpener of our pencils (heads). And it is alright to edit a post post-partum (excuse the pun), for we all are perfectionists in the writing world and you are not alone, Ms. Perfectionist! 🙂

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